Friday, June 10, 2016

on being a fussybunny

totally realized a few days ago that i was missing writing in my life. for some reason i really seem to suck at keeping any kind of journal, and i remember being awesome at blogging back in the day, so i'm roll'n with this again in hopes of writing a bit more. so many things (but not really), a few interests (vegan foods, ashtanga, our dog Sig, frugality), and my semi-humorous job. this will probably the majority of my writing and at least for me, it should be fun! and truly, i have selfish interests 'cause this blog is really for me and just writing it out. but it's all good and if you're along for the ride, i won't apologize, but it might not be your cup o' tea. oh yeah, and the point of the post - a fussybunny is what i refer to myself as when i'm getting all "meh" about something. which these days, is sadly more often than not. i am making an effort to not be so much of a fussybunny though. huzzah!